Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So yesterday, EWeage and I were sitting in our dinning room discussing the weekly grocery list when she says, "We need to use up that goat cheese in the fridge." 

Apparently that is all you need to say around this house to get yourself an amazing dessert. 
Exhibit A:

There was a bit more to the story than that. It mostly involved the two of us yelling a conglomeration of: GOAT CHEESE ICE CREAM!! WITH RASPBERRIES!! AND CHOCOLATE!! IN THE NEW POPSICLE Mold!! And that is how this delightful dessert was born. 

Now, for most people, dessert isn't the first place their mind goes when goat cheese is mentioned. But, two years ago for Christmas, our family went to Chicago. We tried to disguise the trip by planning other activities, but the entire reason we went was to enjoy dinner at Rick Bayless' restaurant, Topolobampo. Every part of the meal was wonderful, but JWeage and I picked out the best dessert: Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Sauce. It was to die for. We're more than willing to give Chef Bayless "inspired by"credit on this creation!

I have to confess, we were not patient when it came to waiting to eat these. We ended up scooping out less than frozen popsicles into bowls so we could eat some before we went to bed last night. 
Yes, they were that good. And just as good completely frozen for desert this evening.

Goat-cheese-raspberry-fudge-cicles: (Inspired by Rick Bayless)
5 ounces goat cheese
2 ounces cream cheese
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup whole milk
1/4 cup fresh raspberries
Sanders hot fudge

Blend together all the ingredients except the fudge. (I have a mini food-processor that worked perfectly). Heat the hot fudge in the microwave until it can be easily spooned.
Spoon layers of the goat cheese mixture followed by the fudge into popsicle molds. 
Hide leftovers from your sister in the back of your tiny freezer. Oh wait... You didn't hear that from me. 


  1. Looks absolutely delicious!! Vini & I just bought an ice cream attachment for our mixer. We'll have to try it out! So impressed with the creativity ;)

    ~Sarah (Elizabeth's co-resident)

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