Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

Happy new year!!   We ended 2011 with a bang here at Simple {Baking} Machines thanks to a little behind the scenes work of our mom.  She notified Jane, the writer for the food section of our local paper, about our blog.  While we were home on break, we met with Jane and she wrote a very nice (two page!) article in the Herald Palladium about us and our culinary adventures.  It featured two of Kristi's cupcake recipes: Lavender Cupcakes with Wildberry Swiss Buttercream and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Buttercream.  The chocolate cupcakes even had a half page photo!  Elizabeth's pumpkin roll (recipe to come) was also included.

We'd like to say a special hello to readers who discovered us through the HP article.  Take a look at our archives and keep checking back for new recipes.

Here's to lots of great eating in 2012!
If only we had been this creative.  But thanks to Google, we can share someone else' brilliance with you!

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